Friday, April 4, 2008

Lights out El Paso

Well I hope you guys had a resting and refreshing Spring Break and made it back safely. Okay so my topic is called "Light's out El Paso" because I was listening to a topic on 104.3 and this is what they were talking about. As I was getting ready for school I overheard this topic on the radio and thought what is this "Light's out El Paso?" The radio station was talking about some ordinace that had passed saying that if anyone still had Christmas lights up after Christmas meaning year round, that they were to be fined per light bulb. I started laughing because I was thinking how ridiculous is this ordinace. I was even telling my boyfriend on my way to school, can we really be fined for having Christmas lights up? I mean it's our property don't we have rights to put whatever we want up on our house? Then I thought to myself well we do conserve on water, and we aren't allowed to water our yards everyday so maybe this isn't that ridiculous. Anyways, back to what they were saying on the radio. So they were making remarks as to how the star on the mountain should then be taken down if citizens had to take down their lights! That's when I though ok, this is ridiculous, what is this world coming to? We have so many issues in the world and the government is concerned about Christmas lights? lol You have to admit this is stupid. Continuing on....the radio station was telling listeners that if they wanted to report anyone they could as well as email them on the issue. All day I couldn't stop thinking about this ridiculous ordinace. I was so bothered I told one of my neighbors about it, he took off the few Christmas lights he had up down. Okay so later the next day I tuned into the station again to see what they would say about this so call "Light's out El Paso," and it turned out many listeners had reported people as well as thought this was ridiculous. Right when I was about to leave to go to work the broadcasters started laughing and saying that this was just an April Fools joke and wanted to see how the public would react! Can you believe that lol...I was embarrassed to go talk to my neighbor lol. Goes to show don't believe everything that you read or hear!

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