Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Grandmother

My grandmother was a wonderful and loving person. She recently passed away this New years Eve. She is in fact not my real grandmother, for I never knew her due to the fact that she passed away when my mother was born. My real grandfather gave my mother up for adoption when she was an infant due to the fact that she was the only girl and he thought by doing so he would be giving her a better life than he could possibly give her. Those days were hard and the labor was tough and my grandfather did not want my mother to experience that kind of rough time or hard labor. So my real grandmother's first cousin, whom I call my grandmother, adopted my mother taking full custody. According to my mother, she gave her the best possible childhood anyone could ask for. She was my mother's guardian, mother, and best friend! I loved my grandmother so much, she always made the best Mexican food! She had such a beautiful garden as well, it amazed me when I was a little girl, she really had a green thumb! My grandma showed me many things while she was alive. She taught me how to appreciate life and never to cry over spilled milk...yes I know simple things, but things that we don't stop to realize and think hey life really isn't as bad as it may seem at times. She taught me never to cry over something you can replace, it's those things that you can't replace that are worth crying for. I learned how to speak Spanish through my grandmother, I had to pretty much because that is all she spoke. There were times when I made her laugh so hard because I pronounced things wrong, but I honestly was trying =) The last time I saw my grandmother was on Christmas day, it was by far the best gift God could have given me, one more day with my grandmother. I will never forget my grandmother and all she taught me, she will remain in my heart forever!