Monday, May 5, 2008

Last post

Through this assignment on photostory I was able to show a visual aspect of our border and how the discourse in which it brings, makes it very much rhetorical. People from across the border in Mexico see opportunities such as the sign in my slideshow implys for more jobs at low wages. Yet opportunities such as these are blocked off with barriers consisting of a wall and barbed wire. We see through my slideshow the side affect in which NAFTA had before and after, and how yes it improved revenue in the U.S.; although, started a high status of illegal immigration due to the fact that immigrants from other latin countries were traveling to Mexico, closer to the border for more jobs.

Moving on...I really enjoyed having this class this semester. I learned a lot about analysis and how to better understand rhetoric. I also enjoy the blogs in which we did throughout the semester because I was able to incite my knowlegde and ideas to others. I will truly miss you Mrs. Ramirez and I thank you for all the knowlegde you have bestowed upon me! I hope you have a relaxing and fun summer! Thank you once again!